Lawrence Fenech Ltd imports material direct from quarries and works in association with foreign companies. Our Company has storage facilities to meet local day to day requirements, as well as to satisfy the demands by the projects being undertaken by the company at any one time.

Marble and Granite

These are mostly imported in slabs from various countries direct from quarries.

Sourcing many materials direct we maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers to ensure the best available material at the best prices.

Processing locally involves the cutting and bevelling of the stone eventually moving on to a surface finish which may be honed, brushed or polished fabricated to clients' specifications.

These processes are produced with precision and meticulous attention to detail as different users require different types of surface finishes and various edge profiles.

Finished products in this category normally comprise of kitchen tops, staircases, sills, facades, vanity units, pool copings, etc.

Travertine which is quarried and imported from Italy is soft and delicate to look at it but proves to be one of the strongest and most resistant type of marble.

It reacts negatively to humidity and is most ideal for cladding of frontages especially those sites which are exposed to sea. This material can be used honed or stocked, matt or polished.

One of the many projects tendered by our company was that of the cladding of the frontage of the luxurious apartments at the Cottonera Waterfront.

Manufactured Quartz

Also imported and highly known for it's durability. Quartz is best known for it's use as a working surface. It is a composite material which has a high scratch abrasion resistance. It is also non absorbent and stainfree. Perfect as kitchen tops and vanity tops. Quartz can be finished in brushed honed and its edging could be produced in any thickness or profile. It also comes in a wide variety of colourful shades.

We supply local leading kitchen suppliers in Malta with quartz work tops.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are manufactured locally comprising of marble chippings, marble powder mixed with cement. These are pressed and ground flat, then polished to produce a virtually limitless number colour variance and textures. Terrazzo tiles are extremely versatile and are particularly suitable for floorings.

Traditional Tiles

Malta is known for its beautiful farmhouses, townhouses and houses of character. Our company provides a niche market for the traditional tiles used to adorn these lovely residences.

The original size of 20cm by 20cm has been maintained and they are produced locally one by one by our master tradesmen. Old and original design frames are used for the creation of the traditional antique pattern tiles. The creation of these tiles is highly labour intensive. These handmade tiles are produced of mosaic and cement. The manufacturing process involves the application of our clients' preferred patterns and desired colours.

Solid Marble/Granite Works

Lawrence Fenech Ltd has over the past few years moved even further to satisfy client's demands. Knowing what the customers expect and value is essential to delivering a product that will please them. A supply of items which are manufactured in solid marble or granite specifically tailored to the customer's desired specifications are now also in reach. With our experienced personnel we can easily provide works that consist of columns, ballustrates, cornice, porticos, statues, tables, benches and lovely fountains. Any designed scheme whether contemporary or classically inspired are widely available in beautiful solid marble or granite products. Clients can supply us with drawings or designs, and these are manufactured in solid works.